Pre- Work

PayPal Setup

In order to get your “client ID” and “secret” key, you need to have a Paypal developers account. If you have a Paypal account already, you can click here and get the instructions on how to setup you delelopers account. If you don’t have a PayPal account go here and then come back to follow the developer setup instructions.

Please note down information to use when setting up your Course Creativ payment gateways.

Now that you have your account, click the button below for instructions on how to get your “Paypal ID” and “Secret Key”.

Stripe Setup

To sign up for a Stripe Account go here. In order to locate your API Keys for use with Course Creativ go here.

Please note down information to use when setting up your Course Creativ payment gateways.

Choosing Your CRM

If you have decided to go with the Basic Plus package then you will need to choose a CRM. Easily connect to any of the below. You can also directly integrate with our e-commerce if you have the Growth or Pro package. The “*” indicates which ones directly integrates.

Here some options you can choose.

SCRORM Software

You DO NOT have to use SCORM software to create courses on Coure Creativ. However, Course Creativ allows the importing of SCORM courses.

The advantages of using a SCORM course authoring tool is the ability to create interactive courses offline without having to use Course Creativ features or you can use SCORM authoring tools IN ADDITION TO Course Creativ features to create a course LEVELS ABOVE your competition.

Two of our favorite course authoring tools are Ispring Suite for Windows and Active Presenter for Mac that are FREE to download and try.

Click Here for Ipring Demos

Here are some additional platforms you can give a try. (Just click each link below)

Adobe Captivate
Open Elearning
eLearning Impulse

Quick Start Videos – Start Here

1. Course Creativ Dashboard Overview

2. Creating Your New Profile

3. Course Page Overview

4. Creating Your First Course

5. Adding Acitvities To Your Course

6. Enrolment Methods Overview

7. Enrolment on Payment and Order Bump

8. Calendar Overview

10. How to Create Profile Landing Page

If your receiving a Youtube error, please see “Youtube Error Fix” video in the Troubleshooting section.

In Depth Setup Tutorials

Adding Acitvities To Your Course

Cool Features Of Pages (Atto Editor)

Add Attachment

Adding Quizzes (Non H5P)


Adding Chat

Adding Forums

Blog Overview

Quickmail Overview

How to Add A Feedback Loop Questionnaire

How To Add A Feedback Loop Questionnaire Pt. 2

Video and PDF

Video Choices (Watch First)

Use Our Hosting

How To Use YouTube

How To Use Vimeo

How To Use Wistia

How To Use Amazon S3

Amazon S3 Bonus

Virtual Classroom and Meetings

Create New Users Manually

Enrolment Methods Overview

Enrolment on Payment and Order Bump

Make Course An Order Bump

Enrolment on Subscription

Make Course A Subscription

Course Meta Link

How To Bundle Using The Meta Link

Auto Enrol

Course Management

Restrict Access / Drip Schedule


Restrict Access / Drip Schedule Pt. 2

Restrict Access / Drip Schedule Pt. 3

Backup and Restore Your Course

Course Reset

You Do Not Have The Ability To Delete A Course But You Can Use The Reset Feature

ShareCart - Save And Reuse Course Material



Level Up! Gamification


Usage Statistics

Add Facebook Pixel To Profile and Courses

Sell Courses Using CRM Funnel

Setup Global Community

Student Enrolment and Overview


Youtube Error Fix

This is a fix for YouTube videos having trouble connecting
No matter which plan you have, start at the Basic + training. If you have a PRO plan then you need Basic + and Growth trainings as well.

Basic Plus Plan

Website Setup Quick Start - START HERE

Learn to quickly set your site up and load themes.

WordPress Dashboard Quick Overview

Your New WordPress Site and Features

WordPress Training Videos

Divi Theme Quick Start

How To Use Divi Pre-Made Layout Packs.

Note: You Do Not Need To Create A Divi Account and Obtain An API Key. This is already done.

Everything Divi - In depth

Click Here to be able to watch specific topics. Select The “Show More” below the video and access the Chapters so you can skip around.

Manual Course Creativ Connection - Basic + only

This tutorial will show you how to manually connect your Course Creativ Courses To Your WordPress site.

Webinar Ignition

Tutorial On How To Use Webinar Ignition
Note: If Prompted, Please Select “Opt-in to see: Account…” This will update you to the new interface.

For More Tutorials Go Here

HubSpot CRM Basics

Learn The Basics of HubSpot CRM.
Start Video at 2:50
Hubspot is already integrated with Elementor. Quick Setup Guide.


Learn The Basics Of WooCommerce Bookings

Growth Plan

Course Creativ Connection

Connect Your Course Creativ Courses To WordPress and WooCommerce

WooCommerce Basics

Learn The Basics Of Product Creation
Start at 4:03 in the video.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Learn The Basics Of WooCommerce Subscriptions
Note: Plugin Already Installed For Growth and Pro Plans

WooCommerce Self Service Dashboard

Learn The Basics Of WooCommerce Self Service That Allows Your Students To Manage Their Subscriptions. Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel etc.


Everything You Need To Know On How To Setup Your CRM, Funnels, Landing Pages, Email Marketing And Automations.

Complete FunnelKit How To Documentation
FunnelKit Instructional Videos
Hubspot and FunnelKit Connection Instructions

Facebook For WooCommerce

Facebook for WooCommerce connects your WooCommerce store to Facebook to help people discover your eCommerce shop.

Pro Plan

WooCommerce Memberships

Learn The Basics Of WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Affiliates

Learn The Basics Of To Setup WooCommerce Affiliates
View All Tutorial Here

ERP Feature

Enterprise Resoure Planning

Social Media WebSuite

Everything You Need To Know On How To Setup Your Social Media Management.

Project Management

Everything You Need To Know On How To Setup And Manage Projects

FunnelKit Automations

How To Setup Your First Automation